Get The ‘Yellow Fall/Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial! 🍁🍂 | Step By Step’ Look

I Love this ‘Yellow Fall/Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial! 🍁🍂 | Step By Step’ Look – Check out my website for More!

Get The ‘Yellow Fall/Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial! 🍁🍂 | Step By Step’ Look

Real Queens fix each other’s Crowns 👑

Soon to come….

A blog but also real and inspiring stories from woman I personally know , from different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs. All working are asses off to build are own empires. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. But regardless The main thing about us … we want and will help each other succeed in all and any positive ways. REGARDLESS.


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Just … do you. If u ain’t got haters … that’s when u doing something wrong honey ! 😉


U have haters beautiful??? U doing something right 😂 !! 🙌🙌👏👏👏 snap snap babyyy 💖💖💖

I know it’s many pictures of just me almost . But just a small mini example of what i mean. Different looks but same woman on the inside. 💪👊


Vaccine …


I’m at the vaccine place which is at what usually would be the library that’s huge and we’re I’m sitting this time would be the kids section, with all colors and fun figures.. books all around, comfy couches and corners I would read and just hangout with my son.

Obviously not the library but it used to be colorful like this. 🥺📚📚🚸

Now I’m sitting after my second shot for the 15 mins that’s required to wait to see so no major symptoms , seizures , collapsing… it’s happened here , most likely everywhere. But all I see now is nurses in their outfits, chairs to sit and wait to get this vaccine of god knows what is all in it, praying I don’t get sick like last time and able to work tomorrow . But the walls are white . Floor is some ugly yellow/brownish color. Everything just feels … grey.

The “library” now the vaccine zone.
It’s huge there’s a whole other section around the corner … no books. 🥺

I can’t help to feel like some sort of lab rat. IM NOT SAYING IM AGAINST VACCINE 💉 ( obviously) but I’m just sceptic, it’s new. I work in healthcare so it’s very important for everyone around me as well. But it’s A new world that we’ve seen in movies and thought it would just stay a movie. 🎬 . I can guess that like me many others knew that a vaccine passport basically would absolutely happen. Many said no “they” – they; being the leaders who control this world we live in. But they can and they have started and it will eventually be a nessesary to get into a regular coffee shop, go to the movies, eat at a restaurant, happy hour 🍷🥂🍹. But that’s the new world order. 🤷‍♀️

I’m trying to guess what will the world be like in the coming year… only god knows. What I do know, is I need to learn well teach myself about raising my son now. Since everything that I was taught … so much is not aloud or appropriate anymore, like shaking a persons hand .. I’m so big on respect! What do I teach him now !?! He’s only 5 so this is basically all he knows , somethings have been really hard to have him understand when it all started since he was so young but wanted to go places that weren’t aloud or open. 💔 what’s this world going to be like För are children ..? That’s my biggest fear and major ⁉️ on my mind ….

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Diy _ Winter _ skin _ Beauty

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Nivea nya MagicBar

Jag samarbete med @niveasverige

Låt dej inte blir luras av storleken och formatet! Kan ger mitt ord att detta är verkligen den första och enda ansikte rengöring tvål som lämna huden med en mjuk känsla och fräsch direkt efter !! #magicbarbuzz #nivea #ansiktsrengöring #buzzador . 💖🧼🧽🧴🧖‍♀️👑🛀🧼💖


We’re I’m from. But I miss it regardless. It’ll be my home foreva. Nothin like home regardless the hardX. Funerals.prison. Ect. But that love we got for each other … it’s unconditional when u been thru hell together . A whole city


Song say it all

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