Before work ☕️

My working on brand Fearless Beauty which stands for all woman worldwide no matter how you look! What your beliefs are we’re you were born or were you live now! As long as you have that heart to help others and one of my favorite mottos : Real Queens fix each other’s Crowns 👑

This just a silly little video I made on the bus to work today which I have to take at 05:41 to be half an hour early to work, otherwise next bus I’d be couple min. Late and in healthcare that just don’t work. Start at 7am today and all I can say is I’m so thankful for finally after a extremely long period of struggling to find a “go-to” Job ( I do influencer work and all that fun stuff also ) but I want a go to job , especially when somewhere in health care as well as fashionista ( will be designing and making my own clothes , won’t stop till it gets picked up and official brand )

But nothing happens over night …. so as a dedicated single mother to a 5 year old boy… I don’t have the luxury of not working and those sleepless nights and honestly now .. I don’t even want them.

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