Woman being Queens 👑👑👑

To all REAL WOMAN all around the world meaning i do not care what age you are, what color of skin you were blessed to be born with, your personal beliefs between you and your god, which culture you came from and if its different then mine, i want to learn about it! NOT judge it, does not matter what size you are from petite maybe you want to be skin and bones well then you walk it out any hater or to all the Big and Beautiful woman who got it and have all the right to flaunt it! whatever your hobbies , work, hair or eye color, if you can speak my language or maybe you cant speak at all.
My point that i will never be able to stress enough, in this “Mans World” we woman need to help rise up instead of trying to keep each other down. We are all born GODDESSES and since there are so many goddess from different cultures all though out time, i believe that we can have several different inner goddess in a day. maybe you’re feeling love and passion like the Goddess *APHRODITE *? or your about to take over the major meeting at work today and you might be the only woman there, at least the only one wanting and passion to be in charge as a woman and respected business woman then you my sister have tapped into the exotic Goddess of Egypt SEKHMNET being mostly known for being the most powerful of man kind.
The meaning i wish we would all agree and act upon as well, is what we look like on the outside or are beliefs are sacred beliefs that do not effect any other in a harmful way , why do we hate and want to shame another woman when more then ever its really time to stick and stand , help each other and together reach the top. I hope many who read this agree with me or start thinking about maybe just small things that are not in your fellow sisters benfet. ALL GODDESS. what a TRUE GODDESS does.