Single mom But … I need some help and advice in this specific matter at the moment . 🙏🏼 please !!

All my single mamas but that have a man in your life that’s been in your life for some years . Sorry not the best at this blog thing but I’m trying … but as of this … I need and would be so thankful for some positive BUT straight forward comments ( never suger coat Shit for me ) 😉

Your probably wondering by now … what the hell is her point of this , right.?

Thing is … I’ve been together with my man for almost 3 years and when I say things went fast .. it did – instant connection, my son who was @ 2 years only favored him over other friends when they would come over ( in the beginning before moving in ) so obviously everything just feeling and showing over time that it wasn’t just a show to get me … u know me nice to the kid so the mom falls and then the guy is an asshole. No not in this case , and coming from a extreme controlling and abusive relationship in physically and mental relationship with my sons dad … y’all know . We’re just waiting for the reality to hit and it can’t be this good … right ??

Ok… well now is where please mamas help me out, my only son will be turning 5 years old this Saturday … and he’s the nicest and chill 4 year old. Respect to the max. Y’all… he even puts himself in timeout 😳 haha … but recently it’s like my man doesn’t seem to care that much,don’t get me wrong he’s always nice and loving shows attention. But he knows how excited my son is for his birthday and I want him to have the best but with COVID- it’s not eas to throw him that party. So we’re going to the zoo we’re then have rides and water park .., but my man … Who should be more into and wanting me to help me plan everything then before/… doesn’t seem interested at all ; almost annoyed ( but that part could be my insecure side kicking in ) but he’s definitely not excited and when I try and talk to help plan I get the “ does he need that “ or just ok . Ok . Ok. Yeah sounds good ….

So please moms , dads . Anyone …. How should I take this, I know I need to sit down and talk to him because my son looks up to him sooo much !! And I can’t help but wonder … if it was his biological child, would he be the same or excited ?

Over reacting or …?

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