How to handle & it’s ok to have an episode…but it’s all about “reading the room”

Look honey life .. life ain’t Easy … and I know all my grown woman that’s been through hell and back and then again can relate, and to y’all Woman who can , please don’t hesitate to leave more advice , tips, anything for this coming generation especially are young ladies of all kinds , meaning all kinds ( born wrong body and everything ) because bay bay …. This Shit I’m seeing and reading is crazy !! And I’m only 30 !!

LIFE MY PRINCESSES 👸 to be a QUEEN 👑 you got to respect yourself , na im not coming on here like are grandparents but u know what, they wasn’t wrong girl!! Men might have you thinking they like it easy coming to them , and thez might for that quick moment …. But girl if u want a guy to be chasing you and show the love and respect you deserve … you need to play their game. But not a bitch, kill them with kindness babyy!! And they won’t know what to do !!! 😅

He try that bull Shit “ if you love me you’d give it up to me “ HELL NA !! Tell that little ratchet boy either go home and have his mama read him a night time story and go to bed because only in his dream that’s going to happen 😂

A boy though not yet a man, that has been raised right and not a follower ::: girl … they want to have to work for what they want. So let them, not playing any games now ! But to show that you as a young woman got worth ain’t no fast little boy can even handle !!!

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