Udemy App – worth the investment. Read below


This is a Blogging course that normally cost @890 Swedish krs ( idk what the currency is at right this moment but guessing 8-9 – so @70-90 dollars )

However Udemy has randomly ” sales ” for 24-48 hrs for basically free – and it’s unlimited for life . But now and for I believe 8-9 more hours their sale is going on and I got this course for ONLY 119krs !!! I mean wow .

I have about 30 maybe more courses I’ve paid for through udemy, some are to brush up your skills . And some even are accredited certified courses .

You will always get a certification of completion when you have done all the must do steps ofc.

When I say there is a course for all types and ages . From marketing, coding at all levels, doctor, spiritual, jewelry, soap,candle , makeup, business programs. And so much more !

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