This Is the Rarest Hair and Eye Color Combo in Humans | Reader’s Digest

Certain genetic traits are incredibly rare in humans, especially relating to hair and eye color, but the intersection of rare traits? Super rare.
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Me being a natural redhead, even though for girls it’s a lot easier then for boys with Redhair. Especially in school but even as adults 🙄 the stuiped questions about ” does the color match the carpet ? ” or some stuiped Shit like that.

But also I was told by so many elders that were moms friends to hair stylist even had one lady refuse to bleach and color my hair 😑 … so my dumbass did it myself. Never bleached my hair before ( died it black , purple .. wanted to go pink. Which I loved !! But then I wanted it even lighter pink … me being tierd and not thinking right. I literally put my hair in a top pony tail bun with salon bleach in my hair !!! 😳 accidentally fell asleep , thankgod my sister called me since I don’t think Id have Any hair left today.


From long think hair, I had burnt my hair out over my shoulders and in different layers .. y’all I’m not playing it was like someone took a bowl on my head and just cut off a layer around my whole head.

Thankgod my own “potions” will be adding my organic recipes soon ! But now it’s getting thicker and not just touching but a couple inches down my shoulders, also I can finally wear my hair down without short short looking like bangs in the back shown 😂😂

Have I learned to love my red hair 👩🏼‍🦰!? I mean yeah !! We are rare and I’m a redhead blue eyed baby like my mama and sister !! Ayyyeee

Will I want to naturally try to brighten my hair upp again and go pink eventually again ? …. yes 🙈 but the right way and not impulsive with my adhd ass ! 😅

Until then, I got a closet literally full of wigs with all colors and even one with rainbow! #Dare2beDifferent


#TypicalMikaylaMonique … learning the hard way but finding ways to make fun of the situation when I’m the joke haha . 

But us redheads! We barely have emojis y’all !! It ain’t sexiest, racist … what’s a good name ? Bc I’m foreal . We have like one redhead emoji 🤷‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️ <<< why everyone besides a REDHEAD ?! Like damn. That’s some hatin shit .

My real red hair all natural and no extensions or nothing ! Oh and blue eyes ! 🦋

Pinkish hair all natural besides the color … then I got to greedy and decided to bleach it more

When I bleached it .. but this was a couple weeks after. Ima update with a good picture of today since it’s a lot longer then this pic ! And it’s only been a couple months .. y’all see how fried it is 😱😰

Y’all see the second pic ? Yeah that’s all wig … but pink. Love my natural and being rare but damn I love pink hair!!!

Anyone else got a story to tell ? Comments or tips to grow out faster ?! My personal Products are going good but I’m always up to hearing more ideas and ways!!!


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