AliExpress – not a scam! Help me – Help you ! for your personal shopping or business!

Why I love Aliexpress! how my doubts and OLD thoughts i had about aliexpress BEFORE actually putting my first order !! ( now i have 8 different vendors sending me numerous of products to resale but mostly for packaging and every small detail that matters ‘ since my small business boutique is mostly based handmade items .)

love love love using aliexpress, there are so many respected vendors with top quality, great co mmunication. Fun games for freebies, coins ect. i used to be eh about it but that was when i started with dropshipping so ofc i would order from the vendors that had what and to the standard that was a must Quality over quantity but can you get both ?! well then double plus !!! i know, alibaba and aliexpress are linked but honestly there’s something different and better experience with aliexpress.

Have also posted about DHGATE. please use my link so we both get great benefits and since signing up through an affiliate link you automatically get more points level- coupons ect . i know this to be a fact since it’s exactly what i did. my friend sent me her affiliate link and obviously she receives X of things and benefits for faster shipping so forth but at no negative cost to me, being a small start up business ( not drop shipping ) but handmade products so forth it’s perfect for packaging . so much !!!

Still feeling unsure ? most if not all have a 30-60-90 day return guarantee. This is absolutely nothing like the old Wish we all ordered and 9/10 disappointed??

till now still happy with my orders !!

And besides for my handmade business . amazing deals for home decor , kids fun, pets paradise ( don’t have pets but was able to purchase different fun and needed items that i made a gift basket to my auntie for her 4 legged family member and she didn’t believe aliexpress!


i went ahead and ordered one of those aliexpress surprise boxes . it’s on its way and there’s a whole sea with different ones and vendors . with the box i did anot look and read into the vendor like i do otherwise . STAY POSTED!

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