So it’s 4:25 am and I’m getting up since in start work at 7am… no I don’t take forever to get ready, problem is, I currently live in Sweden and need to RETAKE! my drivers license, so I’m stuck with the bus. But that’s not all, bus ride itself takes about 40-50 minutes. 😒 it’s over a long bridge we’re you see as far as the ocean takes you. The small beautiful however little city I live in, the huge castle reminding me of how old this place is. Early like this… it’s so quite, barely hear beards. All I hear is the bus intercom saying “ nästa ___ ” ( next bus stop ) … getting off track but needless to say , the bus ride, it’s not that bad as it may sound back and forth almost everyday. … but what is on my mind…

COFFEE – a must !! Till i started working in Healthcare, again. I wasnt so dependent on it, now I’m a raging bitch or turn into a pissed off 90 year old who has nothing nice to say and just stares of boredom, dislike and doesn’t even know why 😂 . Ok maybe little bit over exaggerating’s how I feel but you won’t be able to tell. Don’t know how. Just not my usual happy Go! Positive energy hehe .

Before work … getting ready, so now it’s about 5am. Washed my face, made my coffee, smoked a cigarette. Brushed my teeth. And I still got makeup and hair to do, I know it’s healthcare so who cares, right ?? I DO ! not that I care if I look like Shit or not at work , I mean I want to look presentable but getting off at 3:30 And even though i Always need a Quick touch up with my face since i dont like dark bags under my eyes or so on If im stepping out somewere ..: But getting Ready ready after an all day shift in the healthcare special Housing and demens … its non Really something i have energy To do… No thankyou .. changing my clothes swiping my card to get my keys and out I go … to wait again for the next bus 😂.

This post is done … its one of my “ spontaneous thoughts / ideas type thing ” I need to make that a category actually hehe … meaning the post will never be done… I’ll stick to the main subject like this one when I add something it’ll be in the same category. And same for the others … sort of like a tv episode but writing 🤷‍♀️ let’s see how it works out .

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