Just a little about me and some gifts I like to share with others If it helps you … 🪬🦋♍️

Me and my son Armani on are way to Spain to vacation at my parents new place in Isla plana Spain 🇪🇸

Just a little information about me. Also what’s soon to come !

Let me start and say Thankyou for being interested in checking out my blog and supporting me ! My name is Michaela Monique Sofie Vilson 😅 but about to make it Monique as first name .

Yes I change my hair like my panties hehehe -y hair is pastel pink but I can’t lie – I love wigs ‘ ! The story behind my hair in the past year or two .. that’s a post for it’s own. I always have to learn the damn hard way 🤦‍♀️ hahaha keep a look out since it’s a laugh and even though they are embarrassing, I will post them for u to give u the whole feeling and why not to bleach your hair at home when u never even done it before 🫣

I am born from generations behind me with same and different more or less gifts. Telepathy basically a “ second sight” I’m just a vessel from god . “ a messenger mostly . I’ve always done Astro projecting before even finding out it’s not the “ normal “ I thought it was something about space when It was explained to me what I could do. Ive talked and played even hid from spirits that my family told me I did so it’s been here since birth. Also I am certified as a life coach, spiritual coach. ( also others sorts coach – business as well ) I perform kristall Healing. Reiki . The list is long . Have degree in naturopathic naturopathy holistic living ( how ever all of us that have been to university and degrees in those areas , some are “extreme” ) I don’t think that u should do Psychic surgery instead of going to a doctor that is qualified for those medical areas. I believe that’s are time to be on the side lines , talk to spirit and put it in god and angels hands to watch over the person. But I love aromatherapy. Like the spa ? Well that’s a form of naturopathy- holistic treatment for relaxation. Getting rid of all the bad impurities in side your body – allowing your mind Body and soul to detox and same time rebuild positive energy. Healthy living ; teas, vitamins, aromatherapy, crystal water and so on. I don’t mean don’t eat sweets ( from what some close friends have told me .. that I have the biggest v sweet tooth ever so live and eat happy . But take care of yourself to be and feel the best of yourself . I will be doing workshops / courses / fun zoom calls for us to have a discussion of the week or month. I’ll let you know by posting and sending invites . The paid courses will be from teaching different healing and finding your own 6 sense. We are all intuitive, but your intuition is limitless . I do lots of types of oracle/ ascended master / animal messages/ gems & angel guides / crystal cards as well. But these are the 4 main Clair – that I have strongly but also I have contact with the other side and much more but I’ll leave that their . the four main avenues our intuition uses to communicate with us, known in psychic circles as the “four clairs”: clairaudience (hearing voices), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairsentience (recognizing feelings), and claircognizance (knowing ). With my gift and how much I pick up energy from everyone and anyone sometimes I can’t even go to the store since it’s so high level days and gives me headaches and stressed since then I have so many coming to me wanting me to deliver messages to their loved ones but going into the city also an old city ( we even have a huge castle in the city – so theirs so many spirits that if I’m seeing that day, it’s hard to tell real from spirits . Not over exaggerating. So with all that being said ….

Launching my web shop hopefully this September 2022 🙏🏼 products made by me and been blessed . Jewelry. Candles . Soaps. Paintings . And also other amazing smaller businesses like one family business in India I have great contact with that hand roll each incense stick and the first will be in my zodiac line launch . Also different card decks. And so much more amazing and positive energy only ! Azaleagems.se ( I’m based in Sweden – but will be shipping International – already have pre orders )

⚠️❗️ my web shop is not ready yet. But I’m working day and night to get it done since I’m doing it literally all on my own from the ground up. Literally every detail. But it’s coming ! However add me on WhatsApp and I can send u my catalog. [ side not – having some issues with Instagram and Facebook connecting correctly. But working with meta to get it fixed asap!! 😵‍💫 ] thankyou for understanding!

PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE 🦋🌞🪬- really need to get my followers up on here since my webshop launching soon. Also the ones who become members- I’m having a loyalty system with levels of membership with more discounts, birthday gifts, competition games for winning products and sometimes even gift cards ( and no not a couple dollars gift card ) . Depending on the game – sometimes there will be one winner. Sometimes top 3 and so on. Sending so much positive energy your way ! 🪬🧿🔮💛💜 🕉♾️🏺🧹📿🪬. 🦋☯️♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️♍️♎️♏️♐️♑️♒️♓️🦋

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