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Me personally, i work in healthcare and about to start studying to take my degree further – As of now I’m focused I’m on the field of psychology, not the one that just tells u what’s wrong with Zoe and here’s yours meds. Or a therapist all day ans robbing ppl blind. But they usually rich anyways( nothing wrong and didn’t mean no harm in it … so don’t get your panties in a twist ) But would love to help the helpless like the men and especially Woman locked in prison and have no one out in the free world to be there at all and help guide them for the day they get out. Or to teens that are on their own , not bc there brats and rebellious…they don’t have a choice. I want to be that person to help them see that they have choices more then just the streets. <<< that, that’s the serious ambition career driven me. Then …

Literally no sleep ( max an hour on and off ) then as you see work at 5ish … but mind over matter and I made it thinking I’d slept like a baby 😅 then I crashed after I got home haha .

There’s miss Monique baby ( my middle name ) a fashionista since I can even remember like I wrote in my other blog, since young I was deciding and refusing to wear outfits if I didn’t like them 😅 ( poor mama … I’m sorry my angel 😇 ) haha but karma is real bc im getting it back. Maybe not as bad since it’s a boy …. But thinking about it, pretty sure I’m to blame for why he can also be picky or matching but heyyyy if ima step out and really step out … believe me being either going to be just as fly if not even on a higher level then me !! 💯

Lyle Scott ( he had it to ) and my Son mr. ARMANI MY HEART – MY EVERYTHING!! 💯🙏🏼🥰

MAKEUP AND HAIR PRODUCTS of all kinds HAIR COLORING ADDICT !! Enough said … I love it all!!! And I ain’t scared to make myself look like I’m about to walk some jungle theme cat walk for a high end brand from head to toe with my makeup matching on point, hair and all. Haters going to hate ( they secretly want to be brave enough to also have fun being them that’s why tjeu hate .. one reason at least ) but queens don’t ever let them get to you!! They paying your bills ? Your groceries? Gas money ? Helping zou in any way ?? NO ? Then excuse my French but fuckkkk them and on the cool love your haters! If u don’t have haters … that’s when you doing something wrong !

No filter – not the best picture , can’t see to much but hair color all real.
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