The hype of whats in and whats not..and then my views hehe

Let me start by saying and making it very CLEAR to anyone who would for some reason ( idk why ) but incase is that ME stating MY OWN personal views, likes and dislikes or what I would twerk not fix but put mz own little add on to make it more personal TO ME and whatever else…nothing against the designer since otherwise I would of not bought “ it “ in the first place and did it from scratch whatever it may be; clothing jewelry , makeup , hair accessories literally anything even candle or soap making . So no I love what I but my but sometimea things need a little “ twerk” don’t think.. not sure if I’m even using the right word but now it’s my word even if it’s wrong and if it’s right well then hayyy 🙌 haha 😅 not perfect by any means so don’t be mad I shocked it you are misspelled words or even sentences with a word cut out … it’s bc im either walking and writing with my idea I just got ( I have ADHD … if you hadn’t guess already 🙃🙂 so yeah, walking ../ or getting ready and writing, even happens I sometimes have started vacuuming and 💥 idea … and of course my NUMBER ONE MAIN MAN.: my 5 yr old ( tomorrow ) baby boy who comes and tells me very random and wow what a fantasy story.. but sometimes they go on forever ( like 20 plus min. ) then he walks awayyyy … but noooo he’s back with one and here comes part two so while I show him I hear him I’m also typing bc this thought / idea / opinion/ outlook/ something to try .. could be anything and everything .. is a now game time . So can’t loose m thought need to write down so I can come back or finish my writing .. thanku adhd 🙄…


By no means am I trying or even can state what’s right, wrong , in or out. On anything … ANYTHING !! Just me and my personal review … and the thing is BEFORE U TROLL ( I mean go for it if that’s what your passion is 😂 ) or get mad … I’m not stubborn or only think my way is the right way… HELL NOOOO!!!

So follow me his post and coming blog on pictures/ videos / thoughts ect and PLEASE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR OWN SEEN ON WHATEVER IT MAY BE … that’s how to be #ForeverFearless-Beauty !!

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