Waiting to be a member @ Clubhouse? Comment & follow to…

Still waiting to see if you’ll get accepted to join @ Clubhouse app ??

Just FOLLOW & COMMENT BELOW to get you in with a referral link asap !

What is clubhouse ? It’s a social media platform based on Podcast but not just a regular listening to others. You have the ability to get active by either joining or even create your own room with which ever niche is for you . Meet others , make contacts or & even friends for life within your interest, business, learning and advice.

I Really believe there is absolutely a category for anyone and everyone. Can’t find what you want to talk about ? Like I stated above, you can easily create your own room based on the subject just be a couple clicks and start speaking !

I have so much interest and born fashionista seeing fashion and all it involves as a truly an art which is what the link below is based on!

Hope to see and talk / listen to you soon !


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